Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mystery Plane Specifications

Using Google Earth's measure tool, I've made some rough measurements of the plane's specifications. Numbers are approximates only:

Total Length: 201ft.
Wingspan: 134-137ft.
Fuselage Width: 18-20ft.

These measurements put it WELL within the realm of a normal jet airliner. The length is consistent with the larger models of the Boeing 767, as is the fuselage. What I haven't been able to match to my liking is the wingspan; 134ft for a 201ft long plane is a bit short. That gives this a wing:length ratio of about 2/3 (.0667). Most jet airliners I looked at have a ratio closer to .8333. So, the mystery lives on. What jet has these specifications? and more importantly, why is it perched on top of a building?


  1. AHA! graham! you have found my plane! I have been looking everywhere for that darn thing and wasn't sure where to find it. I must have parked it when I stopped in Korea for a melona bar. those things are delicious. You are however starting to sound a bit like a conspiracy theorist to me. even after you do a comparison of shadows to the surrounding buildings, you need to know how tall they are, which you could probably figure out since you live there. Also, where is the nearest airport. I'll be over to pick up my plane in a few days, lets do lunch.

    --Malleable max


    about halfway down the page they talk about an airplane cafe...?

    I have not had a chance to look very closely at this but...we'll see...Must..go..back to worrkkk.

  3. It is (or was) a bar / restaurant - not actually on the buildings but on 'stilts' with a kid of gang plank for customers to board (or so to speak).