Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer's Ypsi Gas

The beautiful and benevolent Huron River that runs through Ypsi, mere blocks from the homespace.

And good lord blog!  Been awhile.  You are owned by Google, I'm assuming none of the content is sacred to me anymore (oh hai NSA!), and what does it really mean anyway to have something online that no reads, but damnit, I can't leave you.  As it was in the beginning, and it shall be, it is a scroll for the mere reason of being a scroll of thoughts and images and things the mind entertains.

I read recently that byproduct of art is things you can look at, but those artifacts really aren't the essence of art. To create, to have the manifest of the artistic mind engaged, those are the by-products of art, not art in and of itself.  Such is this scroll. Whom looks and doesn't look is really secondary to the act of creation; just a place, just a small brick wall where I leave my etchings and ramblings, comfortable that it will inevitably come tumbling down to make way for a new Panera or manicured bank parking lot.

Until then parking, until then.

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